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Lagopolane Sas

LAGOPOLANE Combing Sas is one of the most important spinning company among European production of worsted yarns for knitwear. LAGOPOLANE was founded in the 60s by the three members LAttughi, GOrini and POnzecchi (which formed the initial word LAGOPO). Our first principal activity was the wool’s combing (LANE is the italian for wool; this word completes the name LAGOPO – LANE).

Over the years the business has evolved continuously coming up today, where LAGOPOLANE engages in the production of yarn full of knowledge and dedication, which turn out to be of great interest to the world market of Hosiery .

The past and present leaders of the family, that runs the company it with passion involvement and diligence, made LAGOPOLANE a leader one in its business area. Our activities are concentrated in the district of Prato, where the company has a strong industrial structure that let us follow all the stages of production, from the raw material (wool, acrylic and other fibers) to the finished finest yarns.

Experience, reliability and quality have always been the identifying characteristics of LAGOPOLANE, enriched with a great speed and flexibility.

We will be glad to show you and let you try all this qualities.

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