An history which began more than 50 years ago, Family and Experience.

These are the premises describing the roots of Italian company Lagopolane, one of the most important spinning mills in the European scene for production of fancy combed yarns for knitwear and weaving.

From over 50 years, Lagopolane keeps in center of his core identity a family management, looking to expand and evolve his production over time, making use of his internal structures: from the combing fibers, combed ring and fancy spinning, to various finishing phases of the yarns, in order to offer fancy yarns: chunky, bouclés, brushed and many other types of yarns, following the whole production process step by step.

A range of yarns which aims more and more at the use of finer raw materials in order to export all over the world a Made in Italy product exalting the “know how” of Prato district in the panorama of international textile sector.

Export is very strong theme to Lagopolane, just as important as the continuous and constant investments aimed on improving plants and the production of renewable energy towards a vision centered increasingly on environmental sustainability of our products.

This attention to detail, and in each processing step, together with a high availability in stock ensure the customers fast and efficient service, focused more and more on implementation and customization of custom-made yarns.

In European panorama, Lagopolane means reliability, quality and experience. Today as well as 50 years ago.